ponedjeljak, 3. rujna 2012.

Špancirfest 2012!

Špancirfest is a festival celebrating the city. It is a whirlpool of music, dance and laughter, an exciting walk made just for the sake of walking.
It is also known at the Festival of Good Emotions. A fitting title, as Spancirfest is all about feeling good, having fun, and celebrating creativity. For ten days, from August 24 to September 2, performers roam the streets of Varazdin in elaborate costumes, and every corner of the city center offers entertainment.

An all-ages festival, the complete program includes concerts, along with plays and other theatrical performances, like puppet shows.

Good vibrations,art,music all in one place is definitely a dream place for me :)
So many talented people celebrating  life,it´s divine!

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2 komentara:

  1. awić :)
    ja još nisam bila ni jedne godine..ali iduću pem! :)
    fakat je prekrasno..pogotovo oni kišobrani <3

    1. daa,druge godine bi se mogli svi skupa dogovorit ;)


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