petak, 2. studenoga 2012.

Colour RED 


Crvena boja ili boja vina jedna je od najpopularnijih boja ove jeseni. Crveni lakovi, tamne nijanse ruževa za usne,sve do crvene kose! Zahvaljujući halloweenu i meni se pružila prilika da barem na  kratko postanem crvenokosa, i moram priznati da mi se više nego svidjelo ;) Čak toliko da razmišljam o trajnom bojanju kose :P Za ovu prigodu koristila sam pjenu za kosu od annyer-a, boja: red, cjena: 21,99kn, postojanost: odlična! ;) colour was such a big hit this fall (still is)  because I haven`t really wore a lot of red lately  I decided that the best way to play with the colour is to put it ON MY HEAD , litteraly. All right,it is not a real colour,it does come off when you wash your hair but hey, it was still fun even for a little while.. It was for halloween and I did get a lot of compliments,so it was worth while :)

Colour: Annyer (colour red)
Lipstick: Deborah 04
Nail Polish: Maybelline 06 deep red
Earings: Tally Wejl
Necklace: NY

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  1. wow your blog is so cute I'm your new follower hope you can follow back!

  2. The lipstick looks very pretty on you. I'm always using first of all a lipliner, under the lipstick and it works very well! You should try it too!



    1. thanks,did that 2 but the pics where taken when I got home so the make-up was a bit washed out :(


  3. beautiful!! love the pictures

  4. Love this shade :D


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