ponedjeljak, 8. travnja 2013.

2. Rođendan Cvjetnog

Ove subote Cvjetni je slavio svoj 2. rođendan, u to ime održan je i pravi disco party!
Svega je bilo od afro frizurice, vrućih oblekica do sexy hostesa. I odličnog benda naravno! :)

Imala sam h&m hlače i košulju,cipele su pittarello,ogrlica je New Yorker a sat Guess..životinja oko vrata je neizbježna! Haha
Isto tako cura sa prekrasnom smeđom kosicom je moja draga prijateljica i blogerica Matea,njezin blog ovdje.

Wearing H&M pants and blouse,shoes pittarello and the necklace is from New Yorker, watch is Guess

Hvala na čitanju, Thanks for reading dolls,
Have a nice day

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  1. Loving the outfit sooo much! And you are very pretty!

    Have a great day,

  2. a juuuuuuuj, so pretty :) :) <3 <3 <3

  3. I love the panter shirt!


  4. Izgleda kao fenomenalan party!

  5. Looks like such a cool event! You look so pretty hun :)

  6. I love your outfit, it's so cute!! thanks so much for posting you look like you had tons of fun! :)

    Also I just got into blogging and am looking to meet some fellow bloggers!! i actually started my own blog today and would love if you could check it out if you have some free time and let me know what you think! thanks so much! and keep doing what your doing because you are an amazing writer and have given me some great tips! :) XoXo Randa


  7. you look amazing! looks like a lot of fun!


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